LeRoy Transfield

raw milkLeRoy Transfield, 49, works at the Real Foods store in Orem where he manages the raw milk supply. The New Zealand native is also an impressive sculptor with many public installments. Read more about him here.

•    Do you believe getting outside is good for your health and well-being? If so, how does it play out in your life?

Yeah, for sure. My wife and I like to go biking. I like to go swimming. There is a hot spring near us (in Saratoga Springs) and in the winter, I like to go two or three times a week.
Actually, I’ve found that even in the winter, if you go outside when it’s cold and play in the snow or just get out, you can actually handle the winter better. If you’re 1487736_10201650962611954_773377486_oagainst the cold and all you want to do is stay in a warm place, your body doesn’t acclimate as well. So, if you go out and you’re snowshoeing or something like that, you’ll find you’re actually having a more enjoyable winter.

•    Do you feel a part of the outdoors or simply a user of it?
That’s actually reflected at the store. It’s kind of a hippy thing maybe, thinking about the environment. I think that if you’re someone who is more conscious of health food, more conscious of your body, you’re also more conscious of everything around you, including the environment.

Fallen Soldier by LeRoy Transfield. Orem City Memorial

Fallen Soldier by LeRoy Transfield. Orem City Memorial

Even before working there, I wanted food that was local, more natural…One of the hobbies my wife and I have is wild crafting. Especially in the spring when the plants come up, We love to go out and see what’s growing. We love to do plant identification. We love to figure out what’s edible and I also have chickens…I tried to live only on what I could pick. I only lasted three days. But it was so fun.

I said, we should do a dinner. We did a hunter-gatherer dinner. You can only bring something you picked, have grown, caught or killed. I wanted to challenge people. It wasn’t a huge success but it was so much fun. I spent the month before going on bike rides (in July and August), bringing home a plant, trying different things, trying to identify it. I learned a lot.

We made a stir fry. We turned apricots turned it into vinegar. I killed some chickens. I got some other edible greens. I got some grasses and we threshed them. We made bread. We gathered some berries and made juice. We had apricot sauces. It was a lot of fun.

•    How does your faith dovetail with your connection to the outdoors?  (Transfield is Mormon.)

Yes, of course, because I believe that God created this stuff and I think that he created me and I think that the more you connect with nature, that’s the best way to nurture yourself.  You still have to learn a lot about what’s good for your body and how to balance it all but I think that the best source for what’s good for your body is in nature. Outdoors. Sunlight. Good food. Good environment.

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