By Maddy Butcher

Recently, I took part in a five-day Redmond Leadership Retreat at Lake Powell near the Utah/Arizona border. Redmond Incorporated, based in Heber City, Utah, has more than a dozen brands, including Redmond Equine. I’m a member of Team Redmond, a group of horse professionals who share a like-minded approach to horse wellness: that “Nature has it right.”

RedmondEquineLogoFor this trip, Redmond invited a diverse group of 60 men and women from the U.S. and Canada. It included employees as well as folks like me, who partner but aren’t on any kind of payroll. Read more about Redmond salt for horses.

Days included hiking, swimming, paddleboarding and dining on sumptuous meals provided by Redmond’s Real Foods Market and its Heritage Farms. Knit into the schedule were daily discussions, prompted by TED talks and videos of Dewitt Jones, Simon Sinek, David Logan, David Foster Wallace, and others.

My biggest take-aways:

  • Listening is one of the most powerful things you can do.
  • IMG_2733Open-mindedness, curiosity, and empathy are often components of a rich, fulfilling life.

During free time, I interviewed six individuals including a yoga instructor, a sculptor, an executive, and a triathlete.

Instead of asking them the usual Get-To-Know-You questions us reporters like to ask (What’s your job? What contributions have you made recently? What’s on the horizon?) I asked them these questions:

  • Do you believe getting outside is good for your health and well-being? If so, how does it play out in your life?
  • Do you feel a part of the outdoors or simply a user of it?
  • How does your faith dovetail with your connection to the outdoors?

I got some surprising answers. The questions, I’ve found, nearly always reveal interesting, unanticipated perspectives.
These questions form the spine of a new, regular feature: The UtahOutsider Interviews.

Interviews will include conversations with Utah Wildlife board members, well-known adventurers, wilderness photographers, and horsemen. The series will celebrate the famous and unknown, the outdoors veteran along with the newbie. We hope to provide insights and inspiration for your own growth as an outsider.

With much gratitude and appreciation to the kind, thoughtful folks at Redmond who inspired this project, we present UtahOutsider Interviews.

Redmond Leadership Retreat houseboats on Lake Powell

Redmond Leadership Retreat houseboats on Lake Powell

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