Chelsea Hansen

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Chelsea Hansen, 26, is the team leader at Real Foods’ Orem store. She’s also an experienced yoga instructor, leading daily sessions at the Redmond Leadership Retreat. Read more about her here.
Despite her long hours, Hansen told me: “I’m always energized at the end of every class on the beach. Yoga is something that fills your cup, that gives you energy. You might be physically tired, but mentally you’re energized. That’s how yoga is for me, especially teaching yoga.” She adds, “I might be saying ‘ugh, how am I going to make it through this class?’ But then by the end, I’m ‘Ah! It’s awesome.'”

•    Do you believe getting outside is good for your health and well-being? If so, how does it play out in your life?

Yeah, for sure. Every single time we come to Lake Powell I don’t have certain health issues that I have at home. And I really feel like it’s because I’m constantly in the sun. I’m eating good food too. But it’s a lot because of being in the sun.

Chelsea Hansen

Chelsea Hansen

I try to incorporate it at home, too. Sometimes it’s weather permitting. My husband and I try to take walks frequently. Even if I didn’t work out that day, I still try to get around the block, just because of that reason.
•    Do you feel a part of the outdoors or simply a user of it?

I like that idea a lot. You’re a part of this environment rather than just using what we have. I really like that.

•    How does your faith dovetail with your connection to the outdoors? (Hansen is Mormon.)

100 percent. When you’re outdoors, no matter what your faith is, there is some spirituality in it. There is a connection with the earth. And also the quiet. What it does for your mind. It quiets it down and helps you connect with your spiritual self whatever that may be.



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